Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 2012

by deana 16. September 2012 11:12

It is Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week!  This is OUR week to inform the world about Mito!


What is Mitochondrial Disease? 


Mitochondria exist in nearly every cell of the human body, producing 90 percent of the energy the body needs to function. In a person with mitochondrial disease, the mitochondria are failing and cannot convert food and oxygen into life-sustaining energy. More than one organ systems are typically involved. There is today no cure, and for a person living with Mitochondrial Disease, life is compromised, changed or even ended.

Every 15 minutes, a child is born who will develop mitochondrial disease by age 10. We now know that this group of diseases is approaching the frequency of childhood cancers.


Here you can find a Fact Sheet on Mitochondrial Disease from MitoAction:


You can keep up with us throughout the week for blog posts from the families we support through Miracles for Mito, and also articles on our Facebook page.

Also, if you are on Facebook, please share our profile picture this week on your page.  This whole week is about raising awareness for Mitochondrial Disease.

We hope to see you at our Mito Awareness Day & Social.  If you haven't RSVP'd please let Maria know ASAP so we may plan accordingly for nursing.



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About Miracles for Mito

Miracles for Mito is committed to raise money for national mitochondrial disease research while providing local support, awareness and education to our community.


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