Hi it's me...Aislinn. I am pretty sick these days.  I am also recovering from major spinal surgery too. I had two metal rods surgically placed along my spine. The pain sucks and now I am back in the hospital because I cannot breath on my own. I miss school, my big sister and my pets. Mommy and Daddy are exhausted and scared.



Recently a caped friend flew down to visited and protect me.  It was so good to see him! 





My caped friend said these machines will shake my booty!  Well, actually they will shake and pull out the fluid and infection in my lungs when I get home. Whenever that will be.  How did he know I was going to need these machines only weeks down the road? Was my caped friend a superhero or angel...



My caped friend brought me smiles. I really needed to turn my frown upside down.  


When I get out of this joint, I am going to have the biggest party!  I will swing and giggle with my caped friend, his parents, my friends and the rest of my family.  I promised my friend...Superman...that I would giggle loud enough so I could be heard out of this world. 

Oh right...my caped friend is Superman and when he comes to visit, he brings me strength, light and love.  



Michelle Voss-Shelley

(Mom to 10 year old Aislinn living with a miscoded GRIN1 gene)