It is the eve of finding out whether or not the licensed nurse (a.k.a. The Monster) decides to take the case to trial or not or try to make a plea bargain.  The Monster was charged with multiple felonies pertaining to repeat assaults on my sweet Aislinn.


I am a wreck!  I am exhausted!  I believe this has been the biggest darkness in my life.


It's been nearly three months since The Monster last assaulted Aislinn.  Countless hours have been spent tending to Aislinn's trauma. She still fears the lift system, changing table, wheelchair, and bed.  She still has trouble sleeping.  I can only imagine that she is dreaming of... The Monster?!?


We all have worked none stop to sooth and reassure her that The Monster is never coming back.  The Monster will no longer physically harm my defenseless baby girl.


It has been a living nightmare knowing Aislinn was tortured by a person of trust.  She' s been harmed in ways that only God and time can heal.  The scary thing is no one knows how much time Aislinn has left on Earth.  Will it be long enough time for me to see the return of the joy and laughter in her soul?  


Most of Aislinn's life her daddy and I have been her voice for things like a her right to an education, treatment for illnesses, extensive medical testing, surgeries, selecting a team of expert doctors/therapies, and securing licensed professional care.  


We are now The Voice regarding this sickening and life changing event.  The Voice has talked to the amazing local SVU team. Tears of pain and frustration have been shared with the local District Attorney's Office. Has The Voice been strong and loud enough to help maintain felony charges against The Monster?   Guess we will all find out soon...



Michelle Voss- Shelley

(Mom to 10 year old Aislinn living with a miscoded GRIN1)