I recently supported the movement of a new bill that would require fingerprint based background checks for various medical professionals. I supported this bill as a movement to protect Ailsinn and others from brutal physical abuse, sexual abuse, and the misappropriation of medication while under the care of a nurse, CNA or other medical professionals. As you may recall the name of this bill was The Patient Safety Act. 


It was a positive experience to have had the opportunity to work with a lobbyist, other families who have suffered mistreatment or even death of a family member due to neglectful, abusive, or dangerous care from a licensed medical professional, and another government agency.  My testimony was empowering, moving, and influential. Tears flowed from my eyes as I recounted Aislinn’s damaged and failed medicine port, multiple bodily bruising, bloody lacerations, ruptured inner ear tissue, and wounded head on Aislinn’s medically fragile body.  I shared her contiuned PTSD due to her abuse.  As others listened to my testimony, tears flowed from their eyes as I describe the violent and abusive care Aislinn endured at the hands of a licensed home healthcare nurse.  No one should suffer from abuse!


I know many families with At Risk children, parents or siblings that would have been further protected under The Patient Safety Act. I imagined a sense of peace of knowing the person caring for them did not have a criminal background. This is my utopia. 


I could just scream and ROAR because I recently learned that the bill for The Patient Safety Act was lost in the Senate after making its way the through the House, Finance, and Appropriations! See https://leg.colorado.gov/bills/hb17-1121. If the safety of your loved ones or At Risk family member is important to you, I would ask that you reach out to your local senators and representatives. Now is the time to further bend his or her ear. They are of course "Out of Session" now and should be available to speak with their constituents. 


As I understand it, current legislation will sunset next year which impacts certain out of state medical licensing. What a bummer because there is already a shortage of skilled nursing in Colorado. The Patient Safety Act would have amended current legislation keeping license protability intact.


I am sorry Aislinn. I failed you in this most recent Session. I'll be back because it’s painful to see you continuously suffer and re-live your trauma and fear of the lift system and changing table. I am never Out of Session. I will continue to work on legislation and ways to protect you and others from the Monster and those like her. 



Michelle Voss-Shelley

(Mom to 10 year old Aislinn living with a miscoded GRIN1 gene)